Exploring the Two Core Factors That Influence the Durability of Vacuum Cleaners

Certain brands of vacuum cleaners are known to be more durable than others. Indeed, as far as durability goes, the difference between the best vacuum cleaners in the market and the worst tends to be very significant. That is where, for instance, you can have the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors lasting ten years on average, whilst the worst start falling apart within three months. Such differences in terms of durability are significant, hence the question as to why some vacuum cleaner are much more durable than others.

It emerges that there are two core factors that influence the durability of vacuum cleaners.

The first factor that influences the durability of vacuum cleaners is the quality of materials used in making the vacuum cleaner components. As the top materials science scholars at universities such as the University of Oxford will tell you, all materials are not equal, when it comes to making machine components. Some materials are significantly better than others. It follows, then, that the vacuum cleaners whose components are made using the best materials are likely to be more durable than those whose components are made using dubious materials.

The second factor that influences the durability of vacuum cleaners is the manner in which the vacuum cleaner components are assembled. As far as the best vacuum cleaners are concerned, you tend to find the quality of workmanship in assembling the components being extremely good. This is really just the same way that we find the qualify of workmanship in the assembly of the best cars – models like BMW being good: hence the durability associated with such products.

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