This is how we can save Earth

Science fiction writer and ecologist Kim Stanley Robinson penned how we need to empty half the Earth of its humans in order to save the plant. However, his desired method is not by the Green Left’s usual tactic of reducing the population by 50 percent as it is potentially genocidal, find liquor store.

Instead, Robinson introduces a Promethean approach and those are:

  • To build giant, high-tech, efficient cities
  • Minimize the energy costs of transport
  • Concentrate waste treatment
  • Use vertical farms and other techniques to heal the “metabolic rift” where food is grown in one place and consumed somewhere else
  • Prevent the waste product from returning to the soil

 According to Boing Boing, Robinson shared, “So emptying half the Earth of its humans wouldn’t have to be imposed: it’s happening anyway. It would be more a matter of managing how we made the move, and what kind of arrangement we left behind. One important factor here would be to avoid extremes and absolutes of definition and practice, and any sense of idealistic purity. We are mongrel creatures on a mongrel planet, and we have to be flexible to survive.

So these emptied landscapes should not be called wilderness. Wilderness is a good idea in certain contexts, but these emptied lands would be working landscapes, commons perhaps, where pasturage and agriculture might still have a place. All those people in cities still need to eat, and food production requires land.

Even if we start growing food in vats, the feed stocks for those vats will come from the land. These mostly depopulated landscapes would be given over to new kinds of agriculture and pasturage, kinds that include habitat corridors where our fellow creatures can get around without being stopped by fences or killed by trains. This vision is one possible format for our survival on this planet.”

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